Better Connected by Hestag

There are many different ways I offer support to regattas, sport events, athletes and cool brands to be and stay better connected.

As freelancer I have worked for many international sailing regatta’s and traveled the world as press officer for the Dutch Olympic sailing team. Since 2016 I work as floor manager and on site content coordinator for the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation.

At the Olympics in PyeongChang in 2018 I was floor manager and spotter for OBS – Olympic Broadcasting Services. The summer after, I managed the first mixed zone in the history of the Sailing World Championships (in Aarhus). A pretty exciting challenge and loved it! Besides that I was really impressed how so many volunteers really helped the event to a next level. Never saw something like it before!

Next to all the events I help watersport companies, cool brands and athletes/teams as (virtual) communication & PR professional on a more regular basis. In winter I bring these projects with me when I travel to the snow. So if that is something you are interested in, let me know

Better Connected by Hestag

Regattas / Sailing Events – I help(ed) regatta’s with an overall marketing or content plan, press releases to connect with local or international media, a social media team to connect with fans and/or connecting media with athletes als mixed zone manager.


International Sport Events
– As floor manager, mixed zone manager, local fixer or spotter I support(ed) event organisations to be better connected with media, athletes, local facilities and/or fans onsite.

  • BMW IBSF World Cup Bob + Skeleton Season 2018/19
  • Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Games
  • BMW IBSF World Cup Bob + Skeleton Season 2017/18
  • BMW IBSF World Cup Bob + Skeleton Season 2016/17
  • UEFA Women’s EURO 2017 The Netherlands
  • BMW IBSF World Cup Bob + Skeleton Season 2015/16
  • Swim to Fight Cancer Haarlem 2016

Athletes – I help(ed) athletes to better connect with their fans, media and sponsors.

For Cool Brands and Events – For brands and events I offer(ed) media and communication solutions onsite and offsite. To get started I have developed the Communication Kickstart and I help implementing the outcome of the plan. The Communication Kickstart (click here for the Dutch version of the Communication Kickstart) gives you a good and solid base to be better connected.