Looking for support for your TV production Team?

Support on-site and off-site

I offer media and communication support on-site and off-site for sailing
regattas, international sports events, athletes and brands.

International Sailing Events

I have worked for many international sailing regatta’s and for almost two years I traveled
the world as press officer for the Dutch Olympic sailing team. At the World Championships Sailing 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark, I worked as mixed zone manager and at the Tokyo Summer Olympics I will be working at the sailing venue as part of the broadcast venue support crew.

TV Production Crew

Since 2016 I work as producer/floor manager for the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton
Federation during the winter and at the Olympics in PyeongChang I was floor manager and spotter for OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) at the Olympic Sliding Center.

I worked as local fixer for Channel4/Whisper Films during the EUFA Women’s EURO 2017
in the Netherlands.

In 2019 I worked for South Fields and United at the OQT and European Championships Men’s
Volleyball as field producer.

If you feel I can be of any value for your event, please feel free to
get in touch for a coffee, with or without skype!