Floor Manager on the road

I love spending the summer season in Holland, and I honestly have to say, in winter it’s pretty okay to be away. This is going to be my 5th winter on the road as floor manager for the International Bobsleigh and Skeleton Federation. Hopefully we can end this season as planned; with the Olympic test event in Beijing!

It will be a totally different experience the next few months. With lots of testing, wearing masks and keeping distance. But we’ll try to do our best to make it all work for the athletes and the media who probably mostly work from home.

I started in Winterberg in 2015 when Debby Ego gave me a masterclass floor management. But also a speed course in bobsleigh and skeleton and how to work for TV!

The weekend after that I needed to fix stuff on my own. Pretty challenging but I loved it! In 2016 I worked at the first World Championship Bob and Skeleton in Igls – Innsbruck. And it’s true, ll things are getting easier when you know the drill.

Five years, many world cups, world championships and even a Winter Olympics later, I still very enjoy being on the road with the bobsleigh family! I love to work outside (even when it’s -26) feel the event vibe, share energy with IBSF officials, volunteers, coaches, athletes and media representatives, together we make it work! I even get to practice my language skills and coordinate all the content we create onsite. A pretty good mix of everything I love to do!

Are you looking for a communication professional or floor manager for an international sport event after February 2020? Feel free to contact me at hester@hestag.com and let’s have a coffee (with or without Skype).