Working Nomad

I’m a working nomad. I’m traveling the world with my laptop, eating banana pancakes and working from anywhere as communication professional and floor manager for sailing regatta’s, sports events, athletes and brands.

Freedom and flexibility

It’s not that I’m working from some remote beach and eating banana pancakes by the sea every day. It doesn’t have to be all that glamourous. I like the real life. I like being in the Netherlands drinking coffees with my friends and going to my favorite beach near Bergen aan Zee. I’m dreaming of having my own local business somewhere, but that’s for later in life when I’m old and wise;-)

At this moment I just love the freedom and flexibility to decide when and where I want to work and take on any new challenge I like. That’s how I’ve been floating through life. Going my own way, trying the roads less traveled. That’s also how I got involved in the more work floor related jobs like local fixer, floor manager/spotter and mixed zone manager.

Outdoor office

Since I had a lot of experience working with professional athletes and coaches they asked me if I wanted to join the TV Crew that travels the world with the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation. I was new to the TV world, new to bobsleigh and skeleton, and completely new to the job as floor manager, but I said yes and managed to pull it off! I now simply love my outdoor office, even when it’s -26 degrees. A bad day outside still beats any good day inside!

I can work from anywhere

It’s a job in which I can combine a lot of things I love and I’m good at; I work with people with different nationalities, I’m outside all day, I’m traveling, organising and making things happen. I even use my social media skills as on site content manager for the IBSF social media channels. And the other good thing; I’m a working nomad, which means I can bring all the work for my ongoing projects.

My recent and current projects:

August 2018: Mixed Zone Manager Sailing World Championships Aarhus 2018
Since 2018: PR/Media support Volvo Ocean Race sailor Annemieke Bes
June 2018: Support Media Team Superyacht Cup Palma 2018
Since March 2018: PR support Hollandse Helden (seven Dutch Tall Ships)
February 2018: Floor Manager/Spotter for OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) in PyeongChang 2018.
Since December 2016: Floor Manager and on site content manager voor de International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation
Since 2017: PR & Communication professional North Sails Benelux
Write a monthly Tech Update for Magic Marine since October 2017
Sine July 2016: PR & Communication Consultant Clipper Stad Amsterdam
Sinds May 2016: PR activities for Tall Ships Bark EUROPA
Since March 2015: PR/Communication Coordinator Stichting Marketing Scheveningen


Are you interested in what I can do for you, your company or your event? Please get in touch!

Working Nomad - by Hester Ozinga - Hestag verzorgt voor diverse (internationale) sport evenementen en organisaties uiteenlopende pr en communicatie activiteiten - Communicatie professional