High five, you just found a creative media and PR professional who can help you to share your stories and feel better connected!

 High five, you just found a creative PR and media professional who can help you to share your stories and feel better connected!

Do you like to navigate towards more calm and new energy in your communication & PR activities? Let me be your tour guide! My name is Hester and I’m the smiley face behind Hestag. Together we’ll discover the (un)known, find the quiet in the storm, create effortless ways to share your stories and build a better connection with your fans, sponsors, B2B network or the media. 

I can’t wait to show you that (online) marketing and PR can also feel good and be fun! Also when you’re addicted to offline and outdoor office days, like me 🍃

#betterconnected by Hestag
#betterconnected by Hestag

Hestag Support

If you’re looking for inspiration or advice we can set up a brainstorm session or even a monthly inspiration meeting. I can help you to organise or revise your marketing activities and media operationsDo you need help with interviews, press release, blogs and newsletters? Feel free to stalk me too! 

Media Operations

Next to working remotely for watersport and wellness projects, I support international broadcast and event production teams on site as venue media manager, floor manager or mixed zone manager. No matter the weather, I just love working outside (the box).

Better connected by Hestag Media in '22 & '23

Better Connected by Hestag Media in ’22 & ’23:

Hestag biedt hulp bij media en PR activiteiten in de watersport en wellness branche

This is the message I shared with my colleagues at Libelle.nl
when I set sail towards my freelance life more then ten years ago!