High five!
You just found a flexible & creative (online) communication and PR professional who helps you to navigate and connect!

High five! You just found a flexible & creative (online) media, communication and PR professional

My name is Hester and I’m the smiley face and force behind Hestag Media. Hestag supports companies in the (water) sports industry and works for international sports events. I help you to navigate towards a better connection with fans, members, sponsors, your B2B network or the media.

I offer flexible & creative pr and (online) communication solutions on site
 during a sports or press event or online as a virtual colleague. For only a few hours a week you can add me to your team to help with social media, press releases, blogs, newsletters, a strategy, brand story or a website. Feel free to get in touch when you are curious if I can help you too!

#betterconnected by Hestag

#betterconnected by Hestag

Better connected by Hestag in 2020/21