Voel je goed marketing: Reviews!

Rood Boven GroenRood Boven Groen
13:40 04 Jan 23
Hester has been supporting RBG since the fall of 2021. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and involvement made a major positive contribution to the launch of RBG’s marketing and PR last year. She is well aware of the latest developments and responds immediately to them. Is critical and provides well-argued feedback. Last but not least; it is super fun and inspiring to work with Hester!
Marianne Den HartogMarianne Den Hartog
08:37 20 Mar 20
15 years ago Hester came to my sailmaker to pick up something. There was an instant click. Enthusiastic and creative person. Once her own company she made my websites for the sailmaker and my art. To this day, Hester is my great support when it comes to online communication.
Karlien SleperKarlien Sleper
18:00 19 Mar 20
Hester is a top woman! Her working style is professional and fun. She has a direct working style which I really like. I know what to do and what to expect from her. Scheduling work appointments feels like a cozy date with a friend. Hestag helps me with all the media I need / use for my top sports career as a bobsledder.
Mars TMars T
14:43 18 Jan 17
With Hestag Online Media you get something. In a patient, structured and pleasant way many ideas were presented that you would never think of yourself. It has given the City Swim in Haarlem – Swim to Fight cancer – a good move in the right direction.Hester certainly doesn’t have a 9 to 5 mentality. In the days leading up to the event, she was always present, always available to roll up her sleeves without losing focus on the work. In addition, she can be sharp, short and concise. Of course with the necessary humor.
Anne CornelissenAnne Cornelissen
09:16 18 Jan 17
Hester is an extremely professional and pleasant online marketer. She helps the Clipper Stad Amsterdam to improve the findability and use of various social media. I would definitely recommend her to someone else!
Freelance Commuincation Manager for Watersport Centre Mudierberg

🇳🇱 Jeroen den Hartog, Havenmeester en eigenaar Watersportcentrum Muiderberg

'Hester is voor mijn bedrijf een onmisbare schakel naar internet en communicatie. Haar kracht is luisteren naar de klant en doelgericht meedenken. Kan niet bestaat niet bij Hester. Ze zal er altijd het beste voor je uithalen.'

🇳🇱 Linda Bomhof, Magic Marine

'Ik werk inmiddels al vele jaren samen met Hester op verschillende vlakken. Steady en prettig kracht om mee samen te werken die zich verdiept in het merk waar ze voor werkt en de achtergronden ervan. Hierdoor denkt ze mee en komt met leuke (aanvullende) ideeën voor het merk! Daarnaast voelt ze goed de doelgroep aan, ook als deze wisselt!'

🇬🇧 Isabelle Bayer, Communication Manager IBSF 

'Hester supported the IBSF Communication team the last two years and was traveling the world with the IBSF World Cup competitions. With her great knowledge and experience in Social Media and OTT video content production, IBSF could double the fan community once more during the Olympic season. Hester is highly dedicated, a fantastic team worker and great fun to work with. I highly recommend working with her.'

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🇬🇧 Leentje Toering, Bark EUROPA

'We work with Hester since a few years for the media and special projects around the ship Bark Europa It is always a pleasure to work with Hester, she is full of ideas, quick in answering questions, having always the right person for the job in her database, and a great person to have around during events and on board the ship. For sure Hester is of great help to spread the message of our ship Bark Europa to a much wider audience which we could not have reached without her'

🇬🇧 Cathrine Bianca Christensen, Communications Manager - Aarhus 2018 

'Hester was coordinating the press and the mixed zones at the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus 2018. It was a great pleasure working together with Hester. Her knowledge about sailing and media made a very professional environment and a great experience for the visiting press from all over the world. Hester is flexible, helpful and has a problem solving mindset. Highly recommended.'

🇳🇱 Thijs Berends, betrokken bij de Olympic Experience vanuit de Gemeente den Haag

'Tijdens de Olympic Experience heeft Hester met haar ervaring van grote sportevenementen i.c.m. eindredactie en content management ons uitstekend geholpen als vliegende keep. Ze bewaart het overzicht en houdt de rust in een dynamische omgeving.'

🇬🇧 Anne de Zeeuw, Freelance write and editor

'Working with Hester is smooth sailing! We work together on a project for The Hague Marketing and everything is always well organized. She has a very nice way of communicating and everything is well planned, so she makes sure everyone has everything they need. I highly recommend working with Hester!'

🇬🇧 Marina Garcia, photo editor Sailing Energy during the Sailing World Championships in Aarhus 

'I worked with Hester during the Hempel Sailing World Championship 2018 in Aarhus for around 15 days and I only have nice words to describe her She is definitely a hard worker, but also a sensitive and supportive person who always had a smile on her face and was willing to help anyone. She was in charge of the mixed zone, among many other tasks, and everything went smoothly and was so well coordinated it made it super easy to work there. Definitely, she is the kind of person that you want to have around during a sailing event, either working at the media center or going out for a nice and relaxed dinner or walk. I hope we see each other again soon Hester.'

Hestag Media - Hester Ozinga - Communicatie en PR Watersport - photos North Sea Regatta 2017 - Editorial use only | Copyright Jasper van Staveren

🇳🇱 Ilse Janssen - Ilsway, project manager North Sea Regatta, 2014 - 2017

'Samenwerken met Hester is een feest. Haar passie voor het communicatievak werkt aanstekelijk en zorgt voor nieuwe mooie ideeën en goede resultaten. Voor de North Sea Regatta is zij een belangrijke spil in het (communicatie) succes.'

🇳🇱 Jelle Hofman, werkzaam bij Trefpunt en manager mediateam Delta Lloyd Regatta 2014 en 2015

'Hester zit altijd vol met energie, bruist van de nieuwe ideeën en heeft passie voor de zeilsport. Hester was tijdens de Delta Lloyd Regatta 2014 een ster in het samenbrengen van mensen, zowel on- als offline, wat van meerwaarde was binnen ons media team. Vanuit haar social media expertise konden wij onze communicatie kanalen beter benutten.'

🇳🇱Willeke Aapkes, Marvin and Miles (Ronde om Texel) 

'Het Ronde-record voor de snelste verslaggeving via social media, bovenop het nieuws in woord en beeld, gaat naar Hester!'

Casper Bouman wint ONK Marathon Windsurfen tijdens Ronde om Texel 2015

🇬🇧 Thamar Kiemel, oprichter van Urban Photo Collective en Where to go .photo

'For a year and a half, I worked with Hester every single day on the Delta Lloyd 2012 Olympic Sailing campaign & community. She is passionate and professional and a pleasure to work with. A great team player, always cheerful an fully determent to get the job done in the best qualitative way and getting others on board to do the same. She inspired me to start working as a freelancer. Nowadays, working on different projects, we still consider ourselves colleagues supporting and peer reviewing each other in our projects. Thanks Hester you are a great sport!'